Threevia: 5 Second Rule!

Can you think quick? Can you name 3 restaurants in 5 seconds? Can you name 3 tampon brands in 3 seconds? What about 3 famous Alberts in 5 seconds? You failed? Too bad, time to drink with your friends.


Would You Rather? Evil Choice‪s‬ 

Find out what would you rather do in over 850+ scenarios. Make hard choices and get to know your friends along the way. Would you rather? is a party game you can play with your friends or play it by yourself.


Never Have I Ever: Party Time

Never have I Ever is a drinking game of truth. You go through cards and read if you have ever done the tasks on the list. Some questions can be dirty and adult themed so keep an eye out which deck you are selecting.


Most Likely To: Dirty Games

Most Likely To is a drinking game of accusations, prejudice, and drama. You go through cards and point fingers at your friend which is most accurately described by the card. Person with most fingers pointed at them drinks, and probably gets offended in the process, on to the next card!

Truth or Dare: Drinking Game

Pick truth and spend the night answering tricky questions and unveiling secrets about yourself that should’ve stayed hidden.

Pick Dare and spend the night doing crazy challenges and probably hurting yourself in the process.

Or decline both and spend the night drinking.