Bar Heroes

Bar Heroes is a mix of your favorite drinking games – Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare and Most Likely To. It is the best compilation of games that will have you ready for any drinking night coming your way this summer of 2019.

Many parties were started while making this game, and we assure you our drinking games are the best and can be played:
– With unlimited number of players
– With unlimited amounts of alcohol
We also know the real reason why you play this app (game also has dirty, 18+ and hot dares, questions, choices)

Drinking games included in this game are:

Never Have I Ever is a perfect game to be played with friends and strangers. You find out sexy, crazy, dirty, funny details about your friends, and you get to know strangers at a very accelerated rate. Rules are simple:
• The first player reads a “Never Have I Ever” question aloud
• Everyone who has done what the question says has to drink
• The next player reads a “Never Have I Ever” question aloud and so on…

Truth or Dare, or spin the bottle is an old time favorite for all parties because you can sneak in a kiss (or something dirtier) while playing it off as “It’s just a game”. You choose if you want Truth or Dare at the beginning of your turn.

Most Likely To is a perfect game for friends that know each other well, and want to roast each other for the rest of their night. Players read “Most Likely To” cards and point their fingers at the person they believe is most likely to do things written on the cards.

Choosing your drinking game is on you, fun for the rest of the night, that’s on us.