Most Likely To

Most Likely To is the drinking game you should be playing in 2020.

You gather your friends and prepare for a party. You read the cards and everybody points to the friend that is described by the card. The person with most fingers pointed at them drinks.

We created the best most likely to cards that will test your friendship in every way possible. We make drinking games and Most Likely To will start your night in the most fun way possible.

There are many different categories, meaning no 2 playthroughs will be the same and it’s the perfect drinking game for many weeks to follow.

Many parties were started while making this game, and we assure you our Most Likely To: Drinking Game is the best and can be played:
– With unlimited number of players
– With unlimited amounts of alcohol

We know the real reason why you play this app (game also has dirty and suggestive cards for adults)

Most Likely To: Drinking Game allows players to:
– Select what kind of night they want to have
– Play Most Likely To with several decks that range from Fun to Naughty
– Spend unforgettable moments with your friends
– Create your own cards

If you enjoy roasting your friends when you are in a bar, you will love this game.

So, who’s most likely to install this game? Is it you?