Never Have I Ever

Never have I Ever is a party game of truth. You go through cards and read if you have ever done the tasks on the list. Some questions can be dirty and adult-themed so keep an eye out which deck you are selecting.

This game can be played offline. You can play it without WIFI once you download it.

—–! FEATURES !—–

– 1100+ Cards
– 8 Decks
– Hours of learning how dirty your friends are
– For 2 players minimum
– Loving your friends more in the end
– Some minor public embarrassment and disappointment


—–! HOW TO PLAY !—–

– Gather around in a circle.
– Read the statements out loud.
– Everyone who did what the card says does the punishment,(punishment is decided by the group, drinking water, doing push-ups, stripping).
– If you’ve never done it, don’t do the punishment.

If you’re the only one from the group who is doing the punishment, then you must give a detailed account of the situation behind the adventure.